Mobile Insecurity (according to Jason Ankeny)

(this post is a summation of an article written in Entrepreneur Magazine by Jason Ankeny)


Once downloaded to smartphones and tablets, these apps – often disguised as spinoffs of popular apps and games – engage in malicious activities like sending messages to certain numbers and registering users to premium services, or installing adware. PROTECT YOURSELF by downloading apps only from trustworthy sources such as Google Play or Apple’s App Store.


Cyber criminals use fake URLs that can auto-fill mobile browsers to ensnare and infect devices with malware and spyware. Security firm Symantec reports that 61% of malicious websites are legitimate sites compromised by nefarious code. PROTECT YOURSELF by bookmarking websites you frequent, manually inputting the complete URL to other sites, and being cautious when opening hyperlinks.


SMS-based phishing (“smishing”) schemes send consumers text messages containing a link to a fraudulent website or phone number created to collect personal information such as bank-account data. PROTECT YOURSELF by avoiding clicking links within text messages, especially if the sender is someone you don’t know. Never respond to texts that request personal data, and beware of messages sent from “5000” or other numbers that are not conventional 10-digit phone numbers.


Shopping, banking or even accessing company documents over unsecured Wi-Fi connections can enable hackers to access your phone or tablet and steal its data. PROTECT YOURSELF and limit all online banking and shopping to your secure home or office network. Avoid VOIP apps and instant messaging services that automatically connect to nearby hotspots.

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