Goodie Hack: 9 Straight Hours of Idea Hacking for Social Good

On Saturday, March 1st, 2014, from 9:00 AM until around 7:00 PM, the competitive and challenging tech start-up concept was put into practice by a venue full of purpose-driven volunteers, in order to effect social good, versus landing large amounts of money for their own ventures. Opportunity Hub 200 in downtown Atlanta was filled with techies and non-techies alike. I’m talking developers/coders, entrepreneurs, designers, professionals, educators, and purpose-driven leaders all freely giving of their time and talent to create new and unique technical solutions, on-the-spot, for a collective of non-profit organizations.

While there I felt like I was in the film “The Internship” with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, trying to win a coveted opportunity at #Google. There was even complimentary food and drinks (all-day snacks, plus REAL FOOD! that actually tasted great).The atmosphere was highly collaborative and inspiring, yet competitively charged and humbling at the same time. I had the privilege of meeting many burgeoning professionals, including Joey Womack of sf35, Earl Coleman who is the Co-Founder of OHUB200, and Michael T. Hill the CEO & President of Atlanta Metropolitan Black Chamber of Commerce.

I’m looking forward to many more “Goodie Hacks” to come. I’m particularly eager to witness the event expand to other cities as well. It’s an outstanding bridge-builder and an extremely effective method to leverage local and regional talent to benefit the social good of communities all over.

#GoodieHack #OHUB200 #RefreshSouth #AccelerateWithGoogle #sf35 #AMBCC #BlackFounders

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