Check out #Tindie (the Etsy of electronics)…


I met Emile Petrone, the raffish owner of gadget marketplace Tindie, a few weeks ago and he told me that I would like his site. It turns out I really do. Part maker community and part amazing e-shop, Tindie is where good handcrafted gadgets go to become businesses. It’s basically a cool place to find electronics projects for you and yours including sections for kids, musicians, and even fans of the great outdoors. Think of it as the island of misfit gear or Etsy for solder.

Petrone started Tindie in 2012 and now has some solid traction. He saw 10,000 orders so far and has shipped to 71 countries. He’s also celebrating the 2,000th item on the site. Before starting the market he spent a year at Yelp then and Redbeacon and then worked at Urban Airship and left to build the marketplace.

“We are the only marketplace geared…

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