The First Two Years of Startup Grind

Customer Discovery is one of the most vital aspects of the startup grind. It’s a process involving really nailing down a legit target market, verifying a need for your products and/or services, and discovering the true pain-points for which you can provide solutions. Customer Discovery also helps in price setting and in generating effective marketing strategies.

David Cummings on Startups

The first two years of a startup are a grind, and that’s if it’s successful. If things aren’t going well, the grind can continue on indefinitely. Startups take a tremendous amount of time and energy to get off the ground, and it isn’t glamorous.

Here are a few things that are part of the first two years of the startup grind:

  • Repeated customer discovery interviews
  • Multiple pivots and iterations in the search for product/market fit (see Pivoting is More Common Than Expected)
  • Tons of administrative tasks like getting a business license, health insurance, general liability insurance, and interfacing with lawyers
  • Finding an office and getting furniture, internet, phones, and more (it’s a strange rite of passage many entrepreneurs go through dealing with the challenges of finding a good office with a short lease and flexible terms)
  • Fundraising trials and tribulations to raise money from investors (raising money by selling products to customers is…

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