Lessons I Learned From My Neighborhood Fruit Stand: “For Everything, There is a Season.”

Nothing need be added by me. Just read this great post by Dar’shun Kendrick for yourself…


I live in Lithonia, Georgia 20 miles east of the city of Atlanta. Some think it’s the country but to me its semi-urban. I represent 54,000 Georgians in the House of Representatives all the way to Loganville (that’s country!). One of the BEST parts about public service is the diversity of people within in my District. I have a man who has about 3 acres of land beside his house on a busy highway (Highway 124 to be exact) and he grows fresh fruits and veggies every spring and sells them on his fruit stand in the front yard. Nothing makes me smile more than driving past this man’s yard on the way home and see this 60 or 70 year old plowing away in the fields in his front yard. I say “THAT IS PASSION!” —-because I have a low tolerance for dirt and sweat.

The other day…

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