Books to Read While in Transition

Reading can be therapeutic, especially during times of change and transition. I find it important to fuel positive thinking, develop new skills, sharpen strengths, resolve weaknesses, act on passions, and stay focused on the road ahead while also maintaining creativity when I experience transition and change. Reading has gotten me through many change windows, be they chosen or by default. No matter what’s caused a change or transition for me, things have always turned out better afterwards. I truly believe that part of that success comes from being an avid reader, particularly of the books listed below.

Here are MY TOP 10 RECOMMENDED books to read during your own windows of change and transition:

I was sent this book in the mail by Teach For America to read in preparation for attending their Summer Institute Training. When I got it, I looked at the cover and thought “I’m sure this is a pretty good read for someone, but I already know where I’m headed”. Then, I tossed the book on a shelf and forgot about it for about two weeks. About a week or two prior to packing up my household for a pending move to Memphis, I again came across this book, just sitting on the shelf collecting a little dust. For some reason I decided to give it a chance (probably because I was bored that day). I can say that, once I flipped it open and started reading, I didn’t put it down until I read from cover to cover. By far one of the best books I’ve ever read. I was already headed north I felt, but after reading this I had to recalibrate my internal compass so that I could start heading in the direction of “true” north.

Such a simple concept, yet this book is wondrous. Since reading it my approach to networking and connecting with others has profoundly changed for the better.

Seals are tough, extremely intelligent, disciplined, highly effective, and just plain bad-ass. Maybe serving in the military like Mark Divine and I did is not your heart’s desire, but who doesn’t want to improve themselves and be bad-ass? Read this book and learn to think like an elite warrior, to lead authentically, and ultimately to succeed at new heights.

Paulo Coelho is one of my absolute favorite authors. I read any and all of his books for escape and for that exciting literary adventure that most readers crave. When you just need a break from the daily hustle and grind, but you don’t want to just cut on the TV and do nothing, crack open this book and take a thrilling journey.

Written by a pioneer of virtual reality, this book raises some vital questions and concerns about our rapidly expanding technological capabilities across the globe. Even better, there are a ton of resources, suggestions and solutions offered throughout the text. A very intriguing book, for techies and non-techies alike.

Here’s a brief but excellent read from a much newer author than the others listed here in my top ten. This book is great to use for reflection and goal-setting during a transition. This book is especially good for chronic procrastinators.

This book is witty, hilarious, and inspirational. I bought this book and read the entire thing at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport during an almost 14-hour layover while traveling from South Korea back home to Atlanta, Georgia. Passing the time while reading this was a non-issue. Before I knew it, I was done with the book, and my plane was just about to start boarding. It helped that I also took the train into downtown Seattle to do a bit of exploring, but I clearly could not spend my entire layover trekking through the city of Seattle unless I wanted to miss my flight. Reading this book saved my sanity while waiting…and waiting…and waiting.

Honestly speaking, much of our transitions in life may involve our finances in one way or another. Whether you’re planning how to spend, save and invest a recent pay raise, or whether you’re working diligently to repair and improve your credit, this book will absolutely provide more than a few useful tips and information that you can apply immediately.

As a military veteran myself, I truly admire Mark Divine and the way that he’s continued service and honor beyond his time as a Seal. Though we deal in different root ideologies, I always learn and benefit from the material that he writes and shares in other media forms. I’m certain that you will find this book just as great to read as the other one I listed earlier in this post.

Filled with parables, ancient wisdom, prophetic words for the days ahead, and always applicable laws and commandments for a peaceful and productive life, this is a read that’s good for any and all circumstances in life.

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