Personal Brand Breakthrough

To achieve a Personal Brand Breakthrough, the following aspects must all be addressed strategically:

  • REPUTATION: what do your peers, subordinates and leaders think and say about you?

  • BUY-IN: do you believe in your self enough? what supporters do you have that believe in your brand?

  • EDUCATION: be it a four-year college degree or a short-term certification, education and training is a key asset to always build upon throughout life. make your self as marketable as possible by ensuring that your education and training align with your career and business goals.

  • AFFILIATIONS: get connected to organizations that are relevant to your industry, your goals, etc.

  • KNOWLEDGE BASE: spend every spare minute that you can to become a subject matter expert/guru in something. it’s great to be a jack-of-all-trades, but you should really specialize in something also.

  • TIME MANAGEMENT: spend time branding your self according to a purposed schedule. for instance: post to your blog on Mondays; perform a ‘Social Sunday’ by doing important Tweets, FaceBook updates, and Google+ stuff on that day; etc.

  • HURDLES: perform a S.W.O.T. Analysis (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats)

  • RESOURCES: get your arsenal together, including but not limited to: business cards, an online CV, a premium LinkedIn account, and any other resource that will help your personal brand be strong

  • ONLINE PRESENCE: this ties in with resources, but I wanted to address it separately. you should be present on every virtual platform that could possibly generate leads (clients, potential employers, etc.)

  • UNIQUE ATTRIBUTES: differentiate your self from your peers and competitors in every way imaginable

  • GROWTH POTENTIAL: how much more could you still learn and do? what can you act on immediately?

  • HONORS: awards, recognition and accomplishments are important to brag a bit about when it comes to your social media profiles, your resume, your blog, and so on

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