Why Memphis?

Right now I truly believe that Memphis is the perfect city to reside and thrive in. I am from a larger, more developed city (Atlanta, GA), but I recently left it to see what the “Bluff City” had to offer. As a military veteran who has traveled much, I am an optimist who will always make the best out of any location and situation. But let me tell you, so far, Memphis has surprised me greatly. My family and I have already grown to love it here: of course the food is amazing; the small business community is vibrant; the education reform movement is very powerful here; there are a ton of inspiring non-profits at work here; the cost of living is low while the quality of life is high; the city’s history is grand; and it has a glorious future in store. That’s just a general idea of why I choose Memphis, and why I think a lot of other young professionals and entrepreneurs should also. Now, let me share with you 7 more specific reasons why Memphis is the place to be:

– Memphis is the 2nd Most Generous City in the United States (based on percentage of income given to charity)

– Forbes ranked Memphis as the 2nd Most Affordable City in the United States

WalletHub ranked Memphis as the 5th Best City to Start a Business in

– The restaurant CHIWAWA in Midtown Memphis serves up some authentic American & Mexican Street Food and tasty beers from local breweries

– Arguably the best barbeque you’ll ever have is at COZY CORNER BBQ (it is not franchised out, so you have to come to Memphis to get a plate)

– The Tech & Startup scene here is remarkable: check out Mid-South Makers, Start Co., and Forge Memphis for a glimpse at what’s happening here

Teach For America and other education-driven organizations are having a major impact in a positive manner on the community as a whole

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Business man, tech enthusiast, avid reader, creative writer, military veteran, tactician, activist, and solutionary. Always looking to learn something new, seeking new challenges daily, eager for growth and opportunities to network with others.

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