Why Memphis?

Right now I truly believe that Memphis is the perfect city to reside and thrive in. I am from a larger, more developed city (Atlanta, GA), but I recently left it to see what the “Bluff City” had to offer. As a military veteran who has traveled much, I am an optimist who will always make the best out of any location and situation. But let me tell you, so far, Memphis has surprised me greatly. My family and I have already grown to love it here: of course the food is amazing; the small business community is vibrant; the education reform movement is very powerful here; there are a ton of inspiring non-profits at work here; the cost of living is low while the quality of life is high; the city’s history is grand; and it has a glorious future in store. That’s just a general idea of why I choose Memphis, and why I think a lot of other young professionals and entrepreneurs should also. Now, let me share with you 7 more specific reasons why Memphis is the place to be:

– Memphis is the 2nd Most Generous City in the United States (based on percentage of income given to charity)

– Forbes ranked Memphis as the 2nd Most Affordable City in the United States

WalletHub ranked Memphis as the 5th Best City to Start a Business in

– The restaurant CHIWAWA in Midtown Memphis serves up some authentic American & Mexican Street Food and tasty beers from local breweries

– Arguably the best barbeque you’ll ever have is at COZY CORNER BBQ (it is not franchised out, so you have to come to Memphis to get a plate)

– The Tech & Startup scene here is remarkable: check out Mid-South Makers, Start Co., and Forge Memphis for a glimpse at what’s happening here

Teach For America and other education-driven organizations are having a major impact in a positive manner on the community as a whole

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