Valuing Real Conversation

Face-to-Face conversation is truly a lost art among us millenial-generationers. I don’t mean casual conversation, because we’re all good at that. What’s up? How are you? What are you doing this weekend? That’s not what I’m getting at. I’m talking about holding real, substantial, meaningful conversations among one another.

How many of us go beyond sharing our dreams and start discussing plans and strategies? And how many of us actually do that on a regular basis? When’s the last time you and your friends had a conversation that sparked an immediate action? Healthy dialogue is empowering. It even drives innovation and creativity, and we need more of it.

Recently a friend of mine dropped by to check out how my business is doing, and to share with me his business ideas and plans. Not only was I thoroughly impressed with what he brought to show me, but I was also deeply inspired just from a simple hour-long dialogue. When he left I had about 5 new ideas floating around in my brain, and I was moved to act on 2 of those ideas already. Not only that, but now we both understand exactly how our businesses compliment each other and how we will be able to help support one another’s visions.

Who knows what the value of our conversation amounts to be. I predict that we’ll both be making a few million, or at least a few hundred thousand dollars just based on our talks today alone, if its in the will of the Most High of course.

As in Proverbs 27:17, “Iron Sharpens Iron”. We should be constantly challenging each other, enhancing one another, and helping to increase each other’s personal value.

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