Here’s a few recommendations on how to advance your earnings and enhance your overall worth –

FREELANCE: Working independently is challenging but very gratifying and amazing. Here are some sources to help you get started, or to enhance your capabilities and reach if you’re already freelancing – (a great way to use your professional skills to make a difference in society); (connect with other freelancers, access free resources and link into a national benefits platform); and (an online community and great support)

CONTINUE LEARNING: Education is the great monetizer. In other words, learning more often equals earning more. And sometimes you don’t even have to spend money to learn. All you need to invest is time and effort, with sources like,,,, and

WORK PART-TIME AT HOME: Check out companies like “Convergys“, and dig through websites such as to find the right work-from-home job for you and your situation. What you’ll primarily need to operate is: an operable, fast and reliable computer; a dedicated, wired internet connection; a call-center style headset; and a clear, free-of-distractions workspace in your home

LOOK UP & AHEAD: Examine job descriptions of positions ahead of yours, and then make sure that you have what it takes to perform that job. Pay particular attention to the skills and contributions required of that position, and then empower yourself accordingly

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