GRIT.GRIND.GROW! Podcast Episode-003: Grind by the Numbers for Profitable Growth

Octavia Conner is a profit acceleration specialist, accountant, business consultant, speaker and best-selling author of “Say YES To Profits: 3 Methods for Building the Profitable, Successful Business of Your Dreams”. She specializes in helping entrepreneurs who struggle with cash flow accelerate their revenue, plug money leaks and maximize business profits faster, smarter and consistently. Tune-in to hear about her journey to success and how her story and skills are relevant to your grind and growth.



Special Guest: Octavia “The Profit Maximizer” Conner

Website: &

Twitter: @STEMstudioFX



Productivity Tools Shared:

  1. All Clients CRM –
  2. Intuit QuickBooks –

Business Promo:

Brave City Military Maintenance Professionals (

Article Shared:

Black Enterprise: “5 Reality Checks You Must Face to Fix Your Finances”

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