RTB #003: Military Special — Redemption After a Court Martial

Guest Jason Doyle, an ex-Navy Officer with over 14 years of service talks with us about his life’s biggest setback (his court martial) and how he’s been diligently working towards redemption and restoration. As a father of 2 sons, he’s on a mission to show them just how much stronger his bounce back will beContinue reading “RTB #003: Military Special — Redemption After a Court Martial”

4 Digital Job Search Resources That Actually Get Results!

Fed up with bogus job posting websites that amount to nothing but fluff, recycled out-of-date postings, and useless, if any, contact information for follow-up? When you’re on the hunt for work, the last thing you need is to waste time submitting dead-end job applications. Stop wasting energy and effort dropping applications into the bottomless pitsContinue reading “4 Digital Job Search Resources That Actually Get Results!”

3 In-Demand Skills to Tackle Now!

Opportunity abounds, but so do budget cuts and mass layoffs. There are plenty of great jobs and business opportunities out on the market, but the majority of the ones that pay good and challenge professionals to stretch and grow have very narrow scopes and requirements. Eliminate the gray area from your resume: lock-in one orContinue reading “3 In-Demand Skills to Tackle Now!”

4 Things NOT To Do When Not Working

There are plenty of articles online that offer tips on what to do during your job search. This piece is written with a focus on what not to do instead. Consider these fail points that could prove detrimental to your progress if you don’t attack them head-on. Here are 4 things NOT to do whenContinue reading “4 Things NOT To Do When Not Working”

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Upcoming Book: Grit Grind Grow!

  Want to know how to combat the dark forces of career uncertainty and unemployment? Don’t fear the enemies of your livelihood and success – they can be conquered. You just need the winning battle plan to implement – and this is exactly that. Consider this book your career light saber: a sophisticated weapon used toContinue reading “Upcoming Book: Grit Grind Grow!”

3 Ways To Help Jobs Find You

It’s easy to find a plethora of job openings posted online to submit applications for. What’s challenging is getting certain of those job opportunities to find you amongst a very competitive global pool of candidates. To resolve at least some of the challenges, here are 3 ways to help jobs and the recruiters posting them toContinue reading “3 Ways To Help Jobs Find You”

5 Ways To Neutralize Micromanagers

One of the biggest demotivators any professional can experience in their career is a micromanaging boss. They’re highly stressful individuals who misrepresent their stress and anxiety as intensity and passion. They confuse distrust and insecurity with perfectionism and obsession with details. And more often than not they are very inexperienced and fearful of failure. DefyingContinue reading “5 Ways To Neutralize Micromanagers”