Goodie Hack: 9 Straight Hours of Idea Hacking for Social Good

On Saturday, March 1st, 2014, from 9:00 AM until around 7:00 PM, the competitive and challenging tech start-up concept was put into practice by a venue full of purpose-driven volunteers, in order to effect social good, versus landing large amounts of money for their own ventures. Opportunity Hub 200 in downtown Atlanta was filled withContinue reading “Goodie Hack: 9 Straight Hours of Idea Hacking for Social Good”

Pitching Atlanta’s Strong Tech Clusters to TechCrunch

Originally posted on David Cummings on Startups:
Last week I had dinner with several writers and team members from TechCrunch. TechCrunch was in Atlanta for their meetup at the The Fabulous Fox Theatre and invited several members of the community out to dinner in advance of the event. At dinner, I pitched Atlanta’s strong tech…


A vital aspect of project management that should happen during the requirements analysis phase is identifying any and all stakeholders. Stakeholders are people, groups, or organizations that could impact or be impacted by the project (PMBOK Guide 5th edition, 2013, p. 391). Stakeholders will need to be effectively engaged in project decisions and execution viaContinue reading “Stakeholders”

Mobile Insecurity (according to Jason Ankeny)

(this post is a summation of an article written in Entrepreneur Magazine by Jason Ankeny) THREAT #1: MALICIOUS APPS Once downloaded to smartphones and tablets, these apps – often disguised as spinoffs of popular apps and games – engage in malicious activities like sending messages to certain numbers and registering users to premium services, orContinue reading “Mobile Insecurity (according to Jason Ankeny)”

Just How Valuable is Project Management?

Project Management is absolutely a valued skill and a unique career path. Organizations can meet strategic objectives and obtain greater business value from their project investments through effective project management led by skilled and knowledgeable Project Managers. It is the responsibility of the Project Manager to satisfy tasks needs, team needs, and individual needs. MostContinue reading “Just How Valuable is Project Management?”

Leadership Style

Leadership styles differ wildly across the plethora of organizations and their respective industries. I don’t believe there’s any one specific leadership style that is the most effective in all instances regardless of circumstances. However, there are definitely proven leadership styles and characteristics that work in most cases. Leadership is defined as the ability to influenceContinue reading “Leadership Style”

5 Key Business Predictions for 2014

1. Access to Capital A confluence of trends will contribute to making financing more available to promising private companies: Small and regional bank capital requirements will be loosened to push cash out of the banks. Big banks, on the other hand, will continue to be subject to greater regulation and scrutiny as to their businessContinue reading “5 Key Business Predictions for 2014”

USGBC 2014 congressional wrap-up and look ahead

Published on 20 Dec 2013Written by Bryan HowardPosted in Advocacy and policy photo credit: rc6750 via Flickr Creative Commons With only a few short weeks before the New Year, the House and Senate completed a series of important legislative milestones including the bipartisan budget deal. With this budget deal in place, the House and Senate Appropriations Committee will beginContinue reading “USGBC 2014 congressional wrap-up and look ahead”

3 Easy Ways to Make Better Decisions

(by Adam Vaccaro) Pushing decision-making down the corporate ladder to employees can be a hallmark of good management. But consider this finding from a recent study: 53 percent of people would prefer to flip a coin and “randomize” a decision than to make one themselves. The paper, “Flipping a Coin: Theory and Evidence,” by three German academics, also reports that 28 percentContinue reading “3 Easy Ways to Make Better Decisions”