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“Grit Grind Grow! A Guide to Conquering Career Transition” is authored by Lex R. Brown II, a Military Veteran, Business Operations Leader, and Change Agent regularly sought after for challenging initiatives. For several years ongoing he functions as a primary decision-maker in recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and developing talent in various industries, including telecommunications, information technology, and logistics. He also drafts highly effective resumes and provides in-depth career counseling to fellow military veterans, industry peers, college students, and anyone seeking expert guidance on conquering their own career transitions.

Not only will this book help readers develop more potent content for their resumes and professional social media profiles, it will also guide readers through the processes of converting their personality, aptitude, and experience into effective personal brand materials that garner multiple job offers, drive boosts in compensation, build and expand thriving networks, and attract unexpected unique opportunities.

As an Author I have over five books in the works

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