3 In-Demand Skills to Tackle Now!

Opportunity abounds, but so do budget cuts and mass layoffs. There are plenty of great jobs and business opportunities out on the market, but the majority of the ones that pay good and challenge professionals to stretch and grow have very narrow scopes and requirements. Eliminate the gray area from your resume: lock-in one or more of the following skills, and job offers should start piling up in your inbox fast!

  1. Project Management – can you lead a cross-functional, sometimes geographically separated team in executing critical projects while controlling scope, operating under budget, and delivering within an expected schedule? Can you also simultaneously manage communications with all stakeholders involved like a masterful politician? If your answers are yes, then you might want to consider becoming a Project Manager. You can manage projects in construction, information technology, architectural design, marketing, and pretty much any other industry pertaining to your education and experience. Learn more in detail by researching the Project Management Institute (PMI, Inc.)
  2. Data Presentation/Visualization – data overload is real! There’s so much information at our fingertips today that we often can’t digest it all in a meaningful, sustainable way. Not without filtering out the unnecessary and putting what’s vital to know into a simple-to-handle format. Presenting data in a visually appealing, comprehensive way is a valuable skill virtually everywhere. If you’re not already proficient, seek to gain advanced skills with programs like MS Visio, MS Excel, and maybe even a service management platform like ServiceNow
  3. CDL Driving – obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) can prove extremely lucrative these days. The logistics industry is struggling to get loads picked-up and/or delivered on schedule due to a huge shortage on availability of qualified drivers. The income possibilities vary, based on experience, driving record, mileage, and specialties called endorsements. Adding an endorsement such as the H Endorsement to operate vehicles that contain Hazardous Materials, for example, will fetch a CDL Driver much more money. Many potential employers offer special hiring programs, especially for military veterans, in which they will cover the costs of training and obtaining a CDL, and some even pay you full-time wages while attending training. So if you’re into blaring Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus on some Old Town Roads, then you might strongly consider the CDL option


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Upcoming Book: Grit Grind Grow!


Want to know how to combat the dark forces of career uncertainty and unemployment? Don’t fear the enemies of your livelihood and success – they can be conquered. You just need the winning battle plan to implement – and this is exactly that. Consider this book your career light saber: a sophisticated weapon used to cut through jargon, propaganda, and competition. Using the information in this book, along with your intrinsic force, you’ll be able to anticipate disruptions and opportunities alike — publication set for mid to late July 2018!


5 Ways To Neutralize Micromanagers

One of the biggest demotivators any professional can experience in their career is a micromanaging boss. They’re highly stressful individuals who misrepresent their stress and anxiety as intensity and passion. They confuse distrust and insecurity with perfectionism and obsession with details. And more often than not they are very inexperienced and fearful of failure. Defying them can be detrimental to your own success, no matter how annoying and frustrating they are. Therefore it’s best to strategically outmaneuver them. Here are 5 ways to neutralize micromanagers:

  1. Establish Constant Communication. Micromanagers are often consumed with anxiety about what’s happening or what’s not happening. It’s best to keep them well informed so that their level of anxiety is kept to a minimum. Provide updates to them frequently and ask them loads of clarifying questions when they make requests or inquiries.
  2. Become a Master of Anticipation. It’s much better to anticipate requests than to be caught off-guard. Micromanagers tend to frequently change their minds about what they’re asking you for, repeatedly changing details of the requests as you progress through them. Do them and yourself a favor and anticipate any potential issues or change requests on the first ask. That way you can establish alternative deliverables ahead of time. Mastering anticipation may also earn you more of the micromanagers trust, which should result in them falling back a bit and allowing you some space to operate.
  3. Collect Evidence of Your Productivity. Using apps such as TOGGL you can track how you spend your time, broken down by project, task, and subtask. This can serve as proof that you’re highly productive without the constant peering over the shoulder. You could also volunteer to share your productivity reports weekly or even daily with your micromanaging spaz of a boss. This should help put them somewhat at ease and allow you a bit more breathing room for creativity and general independent thought.
  4. Be Direct and Confront the Issue Tactfully. When making a few compromises isn’t effective enough to neutralize the situation, then it’s time to take the direct approach of confronting the issue, tactfully of course. Let your boss know that you feel stifled and untrusted. Share with them again your work history and impact, dispelling the need for micromanaging you as a professional. If they’re not understanding of your position, and decide that it’s their way or the highway, then move on to number five below.
  5. Fire Them. That’s right, fire your micromanaging boss by resigning and moving on into a more suitable company culture. No experienced professional wants to be badgered or berated all day, especially for miscellaneous things. If you’ve proven your ability to be productive and successful, then you’ve earned some level of trust and independence. Don’t let your ingenuity and creativity be limited by the likes of micromanagers – just keep it moving in a positive way. Onward and upward.

3 Great Lessons From The Worst Job I’ve Ever Had

The worst job I’ve ever had actually turned out to be great because it taught me some valuable lessons. I love to learn, although I prefer it not be the hard way. One of my missions in life is to empower career changers and military veterans with useful knowledge and information about careering. You don’t have to learn the hard way (if you haven’t already). Here are 3 great lessons from the worst job I’ve ever had:

  1. A Higher Salary does not mean an employer grants you greater responsibility or more trust. Instead, it can mean that an employer will demand more of your time and energy, outside of the norm, because they feel entitled. I learned this lesson especially during my Paternity Leave when my wife was about to deliver our second child. My work phone was called literally every day for non-emergencies, and I was penalized for not answering every beckoning call. Also, I went from being the senior site leader at my previous job with my own office and with great trust and respect from my higher ups to being a regional leader in title only, since I then became relegated to working at a desk in an open floor layout where I was micromanaged and treated more like an hourly administrative assistant. I’ll stop there with my venting, and get to the point: consider every aspect of compensation before accepting a job offer (i.e. workspace, paid time off, education benefits, freebies and discounts, etc.).
  2. If you’re promised things during the interview process, such as being able to work from home whenever it’s not essential to be at the corporate office, then be sure to GET IT IN WRITING before you sign and accept the job offer. Sometimes, very rarely, employers will use a “bait and switch” approach to getting you onboard. Whether intentional or not, this scenario points to a serious lack of integrity. When you’re hired, you’re expected to do exactly what you said you could do during the interviews. Empower yourself by expecting an employer to do exactly as they said also, and hold them accountable because you will surely be held accountable if you don’t deliver.
  3. Read company reviews online from legit sources like Glassdoor. If most of the reviews are negative, especially pertaining to overall company culture, and definitely when the negative reviews spring from multiple locations across the country, then you may want to just decline the offer and move on to something different. Working in a toxic company culture for an obviously negative organization is not worth the stress and headaches, regardless of the amount of money.


GRIT.GRIND.GROW! Podcast Episode-002: STEMulate Your Grind

Kaya Mason, Founder of STEM Studio F/X, talks about being an Educator and Entrepreneur, and how STEM skills should be the foundation of young people’s preparation for their future career paths.Click-To-Listen. How the Internet of Things will explode by 2020 is also discussed.


Special Guest: Kaya Mason, Founder of STEM Studio F/X

Website: www.STEMstudioFX.com

Twitter: @STEMstudioFX

Facebook: www.facebook.com/STEMSTUDIOFX

Email: STEMstudioFX@gmail.com

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Here’s How The Internet of Things Will Explode By 2020

GRIT.GRIND.GROW! Podcast Episode-001: Conquering Career Transition Through Technology


Special Guest: Jerome Hardaway, Founder & Executive Director at Vets Who Code
Email: hello@vetswhocode.io
Twitter: @JeromeHardaway and @VetsWhoCode
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2. Remote: Office Not Required by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson
3. Dataclysm: Love, Sex, Race, and Identity–What Our Online Lives Tell Us About Our Offline Selves by Christian Rudder
4. How to Build a Billion Dollar App by George Berkowski
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THE DR. DIONNE SHOW: Hiring Veterans & Athletes


(Lex Brown, Dr. Dionne Poulton, Sean Rainey & Sam Douglas)


This episode of “The Dr. Dionne Show” features a vibrant discussion about the unique skills and values that veterans and athletes have in common that make them “low risk hires” and invaluable workplace pillars. You will hear the impressive personal stories of Lex R. Brown II, a former athlete and veteran of the U.S. Air Force and Operation Iraqi Freedom, turned entrepreneur; Sam Douglas, former standout basketball player turned corporate executive and basketball coach; and Sean Rainey, who is a boys basketball coach, former athlete and a retired police detective with the New York City Police Department. Listeners, especially hiring managers and HR representatives will learn why “bias” is not necessarily a bad thing when making the decision to hire a veteran or athlete, especially when filling a leadership position.

Hear Lex on “Friends of US Veterans” BlogTalkRadio Show

Interview on “Friends of US Veterans” BlogTalkRadio Show



5 Great Benefits of Hiring Veterans

Job-seeking military veterans are ultra-competitive candidates. They have proven track records and in-demand skill sets. Sometimes their value gets lost in translation, but here you’ll find some of the crystal clear benefits for recruiting and hiring them.

Currently, there are many commendable initiatives advocating for the hiring of military veterans. I greatly appreciate every organization and individual concerned with the interests of our country’s transitioning service members. However, as a military veteran myself, I’d like to turn the tables and focus on how hiring military veterans is a lucrative move for companies across every industry. Here are just five of the many amazing benefits of hiring veterans:


Change can be challenging and is often met with resistance But there are people out there who know how to both embrace and implement change. Those people are often veterans. They are going to ask the tough questions, intent on truly understanding the coming changes so that they can be an active and impactful contributor to the overall transformation. They will also support the change leader(s)’s vision and they will help to communicate it to other team members. They will act with patience, as they have been through many changes throughout their time spent in a military uniform.


Military veterans are excellent at keeping themselves and those around them on track. Integrity, order, and discipline all play a factor here, which are some of the greatest attributes of veterans. As a current Operations Manager with over 50 employees I am responsible for, I find that high levels of peer-to-peer accountability coincide with high levels of morale. Not only will veterans be very vocal in identifying non-compliance, they will also offer support in correcting any issues…

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