Forging Ahead…

Conquering career transition can be both brutal & rewarding. I’m writing a book to help military vets win either way. By end of summer 2015 I’m going to publish a comprehensive guide to conquering career transition, specifically tailored for military veterans. This is an independent endeavor, so your support is very welcomed and highly needed.Continue reading “Forging Ahead…”

Make a Good Decision, Learn from It, and Move Forward

Originally posted on David Cummings on Startups:
Recently I was talking to a friend and he said he had no interest in being an entrepreneur. Curious, I asked why. There was one simple reason: he didn’t like to make decisions with┬álimited information. As an entrepreneur, so many decisions have to be made with little or…

Sound Advice for Businesses with Stupid Billing Policies

Make it easy for people to change their preferences or cancel the service, so they don’t leave angry. “It engenders a negative brand perception if you make customers pick up the phone and wait in line to stop paying you.” -Michael Dublin, CEO of Dollar Shave Club Above is some sound advice for business ownersContinue reading “Sound Advice for Businesses with Stupid Billing Policies”

Authentic Talent Management

The struggle is real! The disparity between existing skill-sets and the plethora of open jobs on the market is extreme. Most people, even those who possess college degrees, do not have the subject-matter-expertise that many organizations are currently seeking. Or, at least that’s what the primary message is throughout society. I think a more accurateContinue reading “Authentic Talent Management”

Ways to Boost Your Earning Potential

Here’s a few recommendations on how to advance your earnings and enhance your overall worth – –FREELANCE: Working independently is challenging but very gratifying and amazing. Here are some sources to help you get started, or to enhance your capabilities and reach if you’re already freelancing – (a great way to use your professionalContinue reading “Ways to Boost Your Earning Potential”

Valuing Real Conversation

Face-to-Face conversation is truly a lost art among us millenial-generationers. I don’t mean casual conversation, because we’re all good at that. What’s up? How are you? What are you doing this weekend? That’s not what I’m getting at. I’m talking about holding real, substantial, meaningful conversations among one another. How many of us go beyondContinue reading “Valuing Real Conversation”

Personal Brand Breakthrough

To achieve a Personal Brand Breakthrough, the following aspects must all be addressed strategically: REPUTATION: what do your peers, subordinates and leaders think and say about you? BUY-IN: do you believe in your self enough? what supporters do you have that believe in your brand? EDUCATION: be it a four-year college degree or a short-termContinue reading “Personal Brand Breakthrough”