4 Skills Every Leader Needs Now (from Inc Magazine)

There is no shortage of advice on the topic of how to be a successful leader–from top 10 liststo actual formulas to entire books. But after four years of research, one MIT professor says what you really need to be successful can be boiled down to four must-have skills. Deborah Ancona, professor of organization studies at MIT Sloan School ofContinue reading “4 Skills Every Leader Needs Now (from Inc Magazine)”

Guiding Leadership Principles of Successful Entrepreneurship

By: Fran Tarkenton, Founder & CEO, GoSmallBiz.com (Originally Published: 24 July 2013) No matter what type of business you’re in, there’s one thing that’s certain: the life of an entrepreneur is ridden with challenges. It is easy to get caught up in the rise and fall of the larger macroeconomic environment or the successes and failures ofContinue reading “Guiding Leadership Principles of Successful Entrepreneurship”

The Charity That Just Gives Money To Poor People

DAVID KESTENBAUM and JACOB GOLDSTEIN August 23, 2013 3:24 AM There’s a charity called GiveDirectly that just gives money to poor people in Kenya. There are no strings attached. People can spend the money on whatever they want, and they never have to pay it back. The idea behind this is straight out of Econ 101: PoorContinue reading “The Charity That Just Gives Money To Poor People”

What Inspires Me: Game-Changing People Everywhere (posted on LinkedIn by Richard Branson)

My professional inspiration has no separation from my personal inspiration: it is people who will stop at nothing to make a positive difference to other people’s lives. I am fortunate to come across quite a few of these game-changing people, and the desire to help (and keep up with them!) is what drives me. AsContinue reading “What Inspires Me: Game-Changing People Everywhere (posted on LinkedIn by Richard Branson)”