Operational Excellence & Process Improvement (OEPI) Consulting. Applying the concepts, practices, and methodologies of Lean, Six Sigma, 5S/6S, Kaizen, Continuous Improvement, PMBOK and Agile Project Management, and Design Thinking. I’m an expert at leading transformation projects and process re-engineering activities across any set of high priority objectives. Seamless cross-functional collaboration and communication from start to finish. Together we will realize both cultural and financial benefits. I will facilitate and execute qualitative workshops to progress teams past key diligence, road-mapping, and implementation milestones to ensure program/project execution.

I take care of people, prioritize safety, optimize productivity, drive quality by insisting on the highest standards, operate lean for efficiency, and deliver desired results. I’m a proven consistent outstanding leader and change agent regularly sought after for challenging initiatives. Let’s connect and synergize!