RTB #003: Military Special — Redemption After a Court Martial

Guest Jason Doyle, an ex-Navy Officer with over 14 years of service talks with us about his life’s biggest setback (his court martial) and how he’s been diligently working towards redemption and restoration. As a father of 2 sons, he’s on a mission to show them just how much stronger his bounce back will be than his setback was.

https://anchor.fm/resecurethebag (RTB #003)

Military Veterans. Pro Athletes. Workers impacted by diminishing industries and businesses. Women who take maternity leave to birth new additions to their family and later return to the workforce — all people who have to learn to adapt to a new way of life once their previous way of earning a living is no longer their primary reliable source. Succeeding in career transition is critical for survival, both for the short and long-term. This episode of “Resecure The Bag” is a true redemption story, and the content may be especially meaningful to those in the military community.

RTB #001: Conquering Life’s Obstacles Repeatedly

This week on the “Resecure The Bag” podcast at Anchor.FM, I interview Coriena Hipple-Merejo: the leader of CRM software company Pipedrive’s Florida team.

Coriena is a military #veteran and a #woman-in-technology currently succeeding in a leadership role with a style that’s been shaped by overcoming adversity and learning from occasional failures.

Her strength is leadership and inspiration. She focuses on making the cultural changes that drive engagement and, as a result, improve overall performance. She believes that when people are engaged in the workplace, they focus better and contribute more everyday.

I know Coriena personally, and I’ve had the privilege of working with her directly. And I can attest to the fact that she’s out here living her best life and spreading the positive vibes around as much as possible. Here’s our candid discussion on Conquering Life’s Obstacles Repeatedly.

4 Digital Job Search Resources That Actually Get Results!

Fed up with bogus job posting websites that amount to nothing but fluff, recycled out-of-date postings, and useless, if any, contact information for follow-up? When you’re on the hunt for work, the last thing you need is to waste time submitting dead-end job applications. Stop wasting energy and effort dropping applications into the bottomless pits of the virtual universe. Here are 4 Digital Job Search Resources That Actually Get Results!

JOPWELL: With prestigious, highly active corporate partners, Jopwell serves up a vibrant career pipeline. As a huge bonus, their blog “The WELL” adds extra value to your journey by publishing engaging and insightful content relevant to accomplishing your career goals, every step of the way. Jopwell is a true champion of diversity and inclusion, focusing greatly on challenging and positively changing organizational cultures across the globe. If you see an opportunity on Jopwell, you can be assured it’s not a bullshit posting.

BLENDOOR: This people operations platform is the absolute genius of the bunch. Think of the talent search reality TV show “The Voice”, and then apply that concept to the recruiting process. “The Voice” starts strictly based on talent and results, keeping the judges blind to any physical appearances or any other personal background information about the candidates on the show. This helps mitigate biases, both conscious and unconscious. It also eliminates distractions to keep the judges focused solely on the voice they’re hearing – the quality, the unique tones, the range, etc. Blendoor does this for the hiring pipeline, blinding recruiters and hiring managers from most aspects that can allow personal biases to interfere. Blendoor is about ensuring you get a truly fair shot, while also facilitating diversity and inclusion in a very out-of-the-box fashion.

WORKITDAILY: I’ve personally been a follower of WorkItDaily and it’s Founder, J.T. O’Donell, for years. She and her team really get it! I mean, their deep level of understanding comes from many years of leadership success in Human Resources, and from watching talented professionals struggle way too much in transition between jobs. They deliver an awesome variety of content, from blog posts to videos and more. They have expertise in every phase of the career cycle, and add value to your journey no matter what level you are in your profession.

LINKEDIN: Actionable job posts with a comprehensive flow of relevant information, especially for the premium subscription levels. Most of the time you can access names and contact information for Recruiters, and even Hiring Managers. You will also often get accurate insights on salary range, location, amount of travel, how many other applicants you’re competing against, and where you rank in the stack of applicants. If you’re not on LinkedIn, you’re not optimizing your job search.

Thanks for reading! I hope you take a few moments to research each listing. Stop wasting time on the crap-shoot job boards that there are way too many of. Focus on quality over quantity, and get fed lots of wonderful content along your journey, by simply focusing your approach on elite resources like Jopwell, Blendoor, WorkItDaily, and LinkedIn. Cheers!

-Lex R. Brown II, MBA

3 In-Demand Skills to Tackle Now!

Opportunity abounds, but so do budget cuts and mass layoffs. There are plenty of great jobs and business opportunities out on the market, but the majority of the ones that pay good and challenge professionals to stretch and grow have very narrow scopes and requirements. Eliminate the gray area from your resume: lock-in one or more of the following skills, and job offers should start piling up in your inbox fast!

  1. Project Management – can you lead a cross-functional, sometimes geographically separated team in executing critical projects while controlling scope, operating under budget, and delivering within an expected schedule? Can you also simultaneously manage communications with all stakeholders involved like a masterful politician? If your answers are yes, then you might want to consider becoming a Project Manager. You can manage projects in construction, information technology, architectural design, marketing, and pretty much any other industry pertaining to your education and experience. Learn more in detail by researching the Project Management Institute (PMI, Inc.)
  2. Data Presentation/Visualization – data overload is real! There’s so much information at our fingertips today that we often can’t digest it all in a meaningful, sustainable way. Not without filtering out the unnecessary and putting what’s vital to know into a simple-to-handle format. Presenting data in a visually appealing, comprehensive way is a valuable skill virtually everywhere. If you’re not already proficient, seek to gain advanced skills with programs like MS Visio, MS Excel, and maybe even a service management platform like ServiceNow
  3. CDL Driving – obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) can prove extremely lucrative these days. The logistics industry is struggling to get loads picked-up and/or delivered on schedule due to a huge shortage on availability of qualified drivers. The income possibilities vary, based on experience, driving record, mileage, and specialties called endorsements. Adding an endorsement such as the H Endorsement to operate vehicles that contain Hazardous Materials, for example, will fetch a CDL Driver much more money. Many potential employers offer special hiring programs, especially for military veterans, in which they will cover the costs of training and obtaining a CDL, and some even pay you full-time wages while attending training. So if you’re into blaring Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus on some Old Town Roads, then you might strongly consider the CDL option


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4 Things NOT To Do When Not Working

There are plenty of articles online that offer tips on what to do during your job search. This piece is written with a focus on what not to do instead. Consider these fail points that could prove detrimental to your progress if you don’t attack them head-on. Here are 4 things NOT to do when not working:

  1. Neglect Filing for Unemployment Benefits: if you’re eligible, don’t forget to go file as soon as possible. Unemployment benefits ensure that you have at least some basic resources available for conducting a successful job search. You’ll need the money for transportation, keeping your phone account connected, and getting properly caffeinated. Swallow your pride and go stand in that line. The customer service will probably be horrible, but having no cash flow at all is much worse
  2. Forget to Notify Your Student Loan Provider: whenever you’re experiencing a financial hardship such as unemployment, you can defer your student loans. This helps protect you from penalties and late fees accumulating. Forgetting to submit your request would be ruinous to your credit and sanity
  3. Avoid Seeking Help: don’t put yourself on an island of self-inflicted pity if you’ve been involuntarily separated from your job. We all fall on hard times in life, so find people that empathize with and relate to your circumstances. A bit of help along the way could expedite your recovery efforts
  4. Vent and Complain on Social Media: one of the worst things you can do is get online and run your digital yap about the negative aspects of your situation. You’ll come off as disgruntled, bitter, and as a problem that potential employers won’t want to deal with. Venting and complaining are what friends and drinks are for. I know we all feel we have a point to prove when we’ve been wronged, but airing it out on social media will almost always backfire

I advise treating your job search efforts like a part-time gig. Schedule specific hours and establish a daily routine. Finding your next great opportunity might not come easy, so don’t take it easy with how you hunt.

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Upcoming Book: Grit Grind Grow!


Want to know how to combat the dark forces of career uncertainty and unemployment? Don’t fear the enemies of your livelihood and success – they can be conquered. You just need the winning battle plan to implement – and this is exactly that. Consider this book your career light saber: a sophisticated weapon used to cut through jargon, propaganda, and competition. Using the information in this book, along with your intrinsic force, you’ll be able to anticipate disruptions and opportunities alike — publication set for mid to late July 2018!


What LinkedIn And Facebook Just Did To Help You With Your Job Search

Advances and competition among social media, job search platforms and technology mean that methods and strategies change quickly. Here are a few to be aware of – adjust and adapt accordingly!

Source: What LinkedIn And Facebook Just Did To Help You With Your Job Search

3 Ways To Help Jobs Find You


It’s easy to find a plethora of job openings posted online to submit applications for. What’s challenging is getting certain of those job opportunities to find you amongst a very competitive global pool of candidates. To resolve at least some of the challenges, here are 3 ways to help jobs and the recruiters posting them to find you:

  1. Enable LinkedIn to share with recruiters that you’re open to new opportunities. If you’re currently employed and don’t want to tip off your boss or colleagues that you’re seeking something new, LinkedIn has you covered by taking great measures to NOT show your current company that you’re open.
  2. Share your full profile with the job poster on LinkedIn when you’re taken off of LinkedIn to submit an application. This greatly increases your chance to be viewed by whoever posted the job opportunity. While you’re at it, you might as well send a brief InMail to the job poster and get their attention more expediently. Your message should basically read as a one-paragraph cover letter (don’t forget to attach a copy of your resume).
  3. Get and stay active in your local community. You never know who may be available to share pertinent information or even to hire you directly as a result of your contributions and hard work in a shared cause. Keep a few copies of your resume handy, and always behave professionally since you don’t know who’s who among the crowd initially. Get involved with something you genuinely care about, or else you’ll come off as just an opportunist.

5 Ways To Neutralize Micromanagers

One of the biggest demotivators any professional can experience in their career is a micromanaging boss. They’re highly stressful individuals who misrepresent their stress and anxiety as intensity and passion. They confuse distrust and insecurity with perfectionism and obsession with details. And more often than not they are very inexperienced and fearful of failure. Defying them can be detrimental to your own success, no matter how annoying and frustrating they are. Therefore it’s best to strategically outmaneuver them. Here are 5 ways to neutralize micromanagers:

  1. Establish Constant Communication. Micromanagers are often consumed with anxiety about what’s happening or what’s not happening. It’s best to keep them well informed so that their level of anxiety is kept to a minimum. Provide updates to them frequently and ask them loads of clarifying questions when they make requests or inquiries.
  2. Become a Master of Anticipation. It’s much better to anticipate requests than to be caught off-guard. Micromanagers tend to frequently change their minds about what they’re asking you for, repeatedly changing details of the requests as you progress through them. Do them and yourself a favor and anticipate any potential issues or change requests on the first ask. That way you can establish alternative deliverables ahead of time. Mastering anticipation may also earn you more of the micromanagers trust, which should result in them falling back a bit and allowing you some space to operate.
  3. Collect Evidence of Your Productivity. Using apps such as TOGGL you can track how you spend your time, broken down by project, task, and subtask. This can serve as proof that you’re highly productive without the constant peering over the shoulder. You could also volunteer to share your productivity reports weekly or even daily with your micromanaging spaz of a boss. This should help put them somewhat at ease and allow you a bit more breathing room for creativity and general independent thought.
  4. Be Direct and Confront the Issue Tactfully. When making a few compromises isn’t effective enough to neutralize the situation, then it’s time to take the direct approach of confronting the issue, tactfully of course. Let your boss know that you feel stifled and untrusted. Share with them again your work history and impact, dispelling the need for micromanaging you as a professional. If they’re not understanding of your position, and decide that it’s their way or the highway, then move on to number five below.
  5. Fire Them. That’s right, fire your micromanaging boss by resigning and moving on into a more suitable company culture. No experienced professional wants to be badgered or berated all day, especially for miscellaneous things. If you’ve proven your ability to be productive and successful, then you’ve earned some level of trust and independence. Don’t let your ingenuity and creativity be limited by the likes of micromanagers – just keep it moving in a positive way. Onward and upward.
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