4 Digital Job Search Resources That Actually Get Results!

Fed up with bogus job posting websites that amount to nothing but fluff, recycled out-of-date postings, and useless, if any, contact information for follow-up? When you’re on the hunt for work, the last thing you need is to waste time submitting dead-end job applications. Stop wasting energy and effort dropping applications into the bottomless pits of the virtual universe. Here are 4 Digital Job Search Resources That Actually Get Results!

JOPWELL: With prestigious, highly active corporate partners, Jopwell serves up a vibrant career pipeline. As a huge bonus, their blog “The WELL” adds extra value to your journey by publishing engaging and insightful content relevant to accomplishing your career goals, every step of the way. Jopwell is a true champion of diversity and inclusion, focusing greatly on challenging and positively changing organizational cultures across the globe. If you see an opportunity on Jopwell, you can be assured it’s not a bullshit posting.

BLENDOOR: This people operations platform is the absolute genius of the bunch. Think of the talent search reality TV show “The Voice”, and then apply that concept to the recruiting process. “The Voice” starts strictly based on talent and results, keeping the judges blind to any physical appearances or any other personal background information about the candidates on the show. This helps mitigate biases, both conscious and unconscious. It also eliminates distractions to keep the judges focused solely on the voice they’re hearing – the quality, the unique tones, the range, etc. Blendoor does this for the hiring pipeline, blinding recruiters and hiring managers from most aspects that can allow personal biases to interfere. Blendoor is about ensuring you get a truly fair shot, while also facilitating diversity and inclusion in a very out-of-the-box fashion.

WORKITDAILY: I’ve personally been a follower of WorkItDaily and it’s Founder, J.T. O’Donell, for years. She and her team really get it! I mean, their deep level of understanding comes from many years of leadership success in Human Resources, and from watching talented professionals struggle way too much in transition between jobs. They deliver an awesome variety of content, from blog posts to videos and more. They have expertise in every phase of the career cycle, and add value to your journey no matter what level you are in your profession.

LINKEDIN: Actionable job posts with a comprehensive flow of relevant information, especially for the premium subscription levels. Most of the time you can access names and contact information for Recruiters, and even Hiring Managers. You will also often get accurate insights on salary range, location, amount of travel, how many other applicants you’re competing against, and where you rank in the stack of applicants. If you’re not on LinkedIn, you’re not optimizing your job search.

Thanks for reading! I hope you take a few moments to research each listing. Stop wasting time on the crap-shoot job boards that there are way too many of. Focus on quality over quantity, and get fed lots of wonderful content along your journey, by simply focusing your approach on elite resources like Jopwell, Blendoor, WorkItDaily, and LinkedIn. Cheers!

-Lex R. Brown II, MBA

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